The Cruising Club of America announce their support for the Coastal Clean-up Campaign.

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The CCA are the latest major international cruising association to support our efforts to clean up the coastlines around the world.

"“As members of the Cruising Club of America (CCA), many of us sail and explore the oceans of the world with a spirit of adventure and a strong sense of stewardship for the oceans we love.

During our voyages we become intimately aware of the condition of our oceans and beaches.

We have seen pollution on the rise and marine animals increasingly at risk, and we want to help.

For these reasons and for the next generation of ocean stewards, the CCA support the efforts of the Coastal Clean-Up Campaign and urges all members and friends to get involved at the local level. "


We are a World Wide network of cruising sailors committed to cleaning up our Oceans. We have no headquarters, ask for no government support, sponsorship or even donations. By clearing plastic and other litter washed up onto our beaches we can stop these harmful materials getting washed back into the sea, killing wildlife and entering the food chain.

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