The Cruising Association has added its support for the Coastal Clean-up Campaign's initiative

The Cruising Association (CA) is Britain's leading organisation for cruising sailors with over 6,300 members worldwide. Founded in 1908 to meet the needs of cruising sailors, the CA provide services, information, help and advice to sailors the world over. As such, we are pleased to be supporting the Coastal Clean-up Campaign, a global initiative to clean up the coastlines, backed by CA member Steve Brown's own efforts to enlist the support of cruising associations worldwide, the organisers of cruising rallies and in due course the local communities. We are actively encouraging our members to get behind this campaign alongside our own initiatives for reducing plastic, and we wish it every success.



We are a World Wide network of cruising sailors committed to cleaning up our Oceans. We have no headquarters, ask for no government support, sponsorship or even donations. By clearing plastic and other litter washed up onto our beaches we can stop these harmful materials getting washed back into the sea, killing wildlife and entering the food chain.

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