We believe the Earth's Oceans should be clean and safe for all life. We are committed to preventing the damage done by plastic and other waste by cleaning up coastlines and encouraging changes to waste disposal worldwide. We know that it can be done and we are certain that it is the right thing to do.

To stop all plastic washed up onto our coastlines from

re-entering the sea and wherever possible recycle the plastic we collect

  • Isle a Vache, Haiti - January 2019

  • La Sargesse Bay, Grenada - Eastern Caribbean - December 2018

  • The OCC Suzie Too Rally in the Western Caribbean - 2018 / 2019

Pull on a pair of gloves and pick up any rubbish on the nearest beach

Recruit other cruising sailors in the anchorage to help out

Please send us your photos and reports

The World Cruising Club have agreed to spread the message to all participants in this years ARC rally.

Coastal Clean-up Campaign posters will  have been prominently displayed on arrival in the Caribbean.

We hope this will encourage  a fresh batch of cruising sailors to help clean up our coastlines as they continue their travels.

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We are a World Wide network of cruising sailors committed to cleaning up our Oceans. We have no headquarters, ask for no government support, sponsorship or even donations. By clearing plastic and other litter washed up onto our beaches we can stop these harmful materials getting washed back into the sea, killing wildlife and entering the food chain.

© 2018 Coastal Clean-up

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